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Hey, guys. School gets out in another two weeks (hurrah!), which is fine and dandy for working nonstop on pages...but then again, it looks like I might have to transfer colleges. >___> We'll see what happens. Add to the fact that I had an embarrassing and frustrating experience at a state university I visited on Friday, along with a lovely stomach virus this weekend and stayed in bed all Sunday with the periodic symptoms (none which I shall mention...TMI!), AND final exams coming up, you realize that life is absolutely just PEACHY. Anyways, all smiles here. =D I try not to let bad things affect me in the long-run.

I'll try to get out 2-3 pages by this Saturday. Till then, I'm stuck in bed eating matzos and ginger ale. Goody. Talk to you later~

posted by Piano-kun @ April 21st, 2008, 9:26 am  -  1 Comments

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Taw, that doesn't sound so good... I understand you don't want to talk about stuff, but still, I'm hoping you're doing better now!

I'm glad you're so positive and optimistic. Really, that's wonderful. But don't push yourself so hard, okay? If you're not doing so hot, take it easy, give yourself a break, especially considering the fact that it's... end of the year-season. Mmkay?

Take care, feel better!!

posted by BBQ Bert (Guest), April 22nd, 2008, 10:08 am

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